Breaking Down The Enlightenment Stereotype

A lot of these subjects intersected and overlapped. There are so many misnomers about enlightenment, thanks to the wonderful ego of todays planet. What I hope to accomplish in this blog and eventual book, is to provide a platform of bringing even more light to the subject. No enlightenment is not something that happens to “special” people, or only men, or only people who give up their family and all possessions.  It is not a hard set rule that enlightenment takes years to achieve. Everything I mentioned above, has to do with action orientation or “doingness”, enlightenment, is always about beingness. Consciousness is expanding at a rapid speed. Everything is speeding up. Just a bit over a 100 years ago, we communicated through writing letters, now you can facetime Grandma on Christmas, watch netflix, and cook mac and cheese all at the same time. You can look at enlightenment as a sacred symbol for the eternal self which is GOD. This God self is what we all possess and it simply is, any word added to the word GOD, lessens the meaning. God simply IS. And yes, we are all one, there is only one of us really here, and we take the journey to enlightenment in our illusionary bodies when our eternally expressed “self” decides to. It gets pretty trippy, and that’s the thing about words attempting to explain life. They are only symbols, and they will attempt to explain something that can only truly be experienced. But what this blog can have  a shot of doing, is break down the pre-conceived paradigms that can in a sense block someone’s understanding of what Enlightenment/God- realization  is all about. You are already God, you just haven’t come to realization of this truth just yet. I said it. Yep. I will say it again. You are God.  The only difference is the realization of your God Self  hasn’t been brought into your awareness just yet.

If you do make it through this blog, and do not throw your laptop across the wall in anger or confusion, as you read, you will realize that in many parts of the book, the words are symbols that represent information that you will remember on a cellular level. You will feel a peculiar surge of not conceptually knowing how it could be right what I’m saying, but you will feel like the truth being spoken here is truer than anything you’ve been told in the past. That is because most of what you have been told about enlightenment and life have not been accurate. And I will take it a step further and tell you that enlightenment and life mean the same thing. You are currently living in a dream, a dream that appears to be very real. Enlightenment is the process of waking from the dream to realize that you are life itself, you are God, and all this time you were simply pretending not be.

I want to leave this post as a general overview. Consider this post an introduction to many more subdivisions of the Enlightenment stereotype that we will cover in the future. This for now, is me painting the canvas, one color to circle back and revisit more of this subject in greater depth later on, creating a much more robust portrait.

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