It is Nice to Remember You

Where to begin? I will give you a brief intro to me. As time goes on, I expect my blogs to really partially introduce me to you. It is funner that way. Who really wants to listen to someone’s bio? Meh. Basically my life was always a non-traditional one. Everything from my upbringing, to my unusual sensitivity coupled with my desire to REBEL everything. I have three children, and it is me raising them. I live in California, but originally, I am from the tough streets of Philly. Well not so tough considering I lived in a Suburb pretty much. Why I tell you all of this is there is nothing about my personality, my childhood, or my life now that screams “Poster Child for Enlightenment” This is important to understand. As you read, I will fill in the blanks to this Rebellious road I took to end up with the view of the world and me that I have today. What I want you to know is that I very well may be just like you, maybe a little nuttier (most likely). We are remembering each other right now. Let’s take a journey, down the Rebel’s Road to Enlightenment.

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