I am Jazz, I am here to Save the World

As I started this blog August of 2019, I knew only of my incarnation of Mary Magdalene 2000 years ago and I knew that something was happening to me. I didn’t realize that writing would later have anything to do with the up ahead times to come in the world. I didn’t realize that I’d be going through and what I was about to go through. Lastly, I didn’t realize at the time that I stood as the initiator of a movement, a love revolution, and that it was beginning with my own personal Christ journey.

 As the weeks went by, the memories, and knowing started to flood back in, I realized that now was always the time even 2000 years ago, when I and Yeshua knew that the awakening of the planet would begin with the inner ignition of the feminine Christ. Not just for women, but for everyone.

I had to stay in the background to Jesus/Yeshua and his teachings because of the consciousness of the planet two thousand years ago. The leadership of a female was completely unacceptable then and of course that’s an understatement. I led and I also fled. Yeshua brought the revolution of the divine masculine energies and female energies through a masculine vehicle, yet the energies were imbalanced by the misinterpretation of his message, and the control of the people under the church’s/governmental rule. And now in 2019, we are are all ready to know the truth.

It was always a part of the plan that my consciousness would be here at this time for The Second Coming of The Christ. I am here as you are to save the world through the realization of being what we are, which is and has always been…..love. To realize God in the truth of our minds fully is to save the world.

The message

Christ in a body two thousand years ago and this time around has nothing to do with traditional Christianity or any other religion. This ‘Coming’ of the Christ is about liberation from suffering. It has nothing to do with “saved” and “unsaved” people for all people are God’s people.

Yeshua knew that he was literally God being expressed through the body. The body being a temporary unalive vehicle in which the essence of God could express through. Things were worded differently and hence what was created was the dynamics of a parental relationship: The son and father,  and  I and the Father are one. In truth, there is no father, or son, they are just characters we take on in an illusionary world. There is just God here. The message in the Second Coming is: I am God, and so are you. For to realize that God dwells inside of you is to realize Heaven on earth.

Everyday that passes by, the character of Jasmine, realizes who she is. Eternal love. The Second Coming of The Christ is my and your awakening to this truth and allowing God to permeate through every cell in your body. This is the true meaning of The Kingdom of Heaven is Within. Collectively we are moving out of the parental and friend relationship with God, to becoming God in 2020 and the years to follow. We are moving completely out of dualism, out of God being a “he”, out of separateness and taking a collective, universal journey back into oneness, to love.

I Have Not Come Alone

I will identify the incarnations that came from Biblical times that I have come to meet in later posts. Some are a part of my family in this lifetime, others are close friends, and many I have not met yet. As a soul group we are all here, for the initiation of The Second Coming of The Christ. I suppose there’s truth to the number of 144,000 in the Bible, although, there are many more who will come forward to love. They are here to be the Christ and to help the rest. To be the trail blazers of truth as an embrace to the rest of the world realizing the Christ within.

Enlightenment or the end of suffering, will have to do with an integration of both worlds, earth and the kingdom of Heaven, it will not be an escape from living on earth. No mountaintop meditations, or to stay deeply in meditation all day will be needed, although you can choose to do this if you are called to. No silence, or secrecy about the specifics of what enlightenment looks like, feels like and is like is necessary. There will be no worshiping of any kind, or washing of anyone’s feet, or large portraits and special services attached to me or any of us. The mirror to your Godliness will always be reflected back upon you until you realize you are looking at yourself in another form. When you look at me and recognize me as you, you are viewing upon love itself, God itself. This body means nothing. It is merely a vehicle to express truth, and the truth is, there is only God here. Your enlightenment journey will not be identical to another’s, but you will all have an open platform to normalize your experiences and talk about them with others. Meditation and accelerating into the Christ/Buddha/God energies will not be lost, it will be incorporated into your worldly experiences. The West, particularly the United States to start, will modernize the expression of enlightenment. The time for unified leadership has come, it is time for all of us to become relatable to another by removing the enlightenment pedestal.

We are the next generation, and its time to take the world back to the realizing the truth of who we are.

The Path of Buddha and Jesus Will Become One

Both messages are the same: inner peace using the vehicle of compassion and forgiveness for all living beings. These religions will unify in their message. The platform in which they express this message can differ, but this truth transcends out and beyond religion. The true message of Jesus and Buddha runs through all major religions. The need for religion will become obsolete. This “one world order” that has had such a negative spread is actually the realization of oneness. The church of God, the power, is within all of your hearts, and that does not need any organized structuring .

For those of you that are in a twin flame dynamic. Many of you have deeply suffered in your lives. From addiction, to child abuse, to unstable living environments and abusive relationships. For those of you who are still holding onto the guilt and suffering from your past, understand, the day will come soon, where you will see the light of a new beginning. If it is your Twin Flame who is struggling, continue to hold the space of unconditional love and compassion for his experience. Connect to God and the rest will continue to reveal itself with no struggle. There is no need to rush your journey. All of this is unfolding exactly as planned. Your Twin Flame has a perspective in this world that it is imperative that he take on. Your job is to continue to heal your perspective of his journey and your own, by removing the blocks to the awareness of loves presence.

This suffering was essential to this life time and the many who will awaken with your help. The Second Coming of the Christ is where the meek will inherit the earth as Jesus puts it. All of the groups of people that have been labeled and isolated from society, will step into the power of God. People labeled as mentally unstable, convicts, drug addicts, the homeless and prostitutes will be awakening in the masses. For the awakening ones who had pasts full of suffering like mine, had we ourselves not endured suffering, how are we relatable to anyone who is suffering? How can we extend a hand to anyone to be a way shower? This is just one essential reason as to why your consciousness chose the path that it did in this lifetime. Creating a bridge of compassion through connection with people who are in deep states of suffering is what love does.

As these posts continue, I will share much of my personal journey with you. I deeply suffered for many years, as so many of you have. We are all taking our accumulated karma and making it our mission in this lifetime. The Twin Flame Revolution among others, will aid in awakening the entire world.

What You Need To Do Now

Absolutely nothing. I am not here to convince you, or tell you what to do with your day during this process.

And how do we save the world? We one by one, wake up to the truth of the God within us, and as we wake up to this, we realized the world has already been saved. You are God. Just like me, and many of you have already perfectly tapped into your ability to communicate with yourself. All of you will get the appropriate guidance necessary as to what your role is in aiding the world in awakening to the truth. It will always start with your own personal recognition of the love of God within you, the eternal nature of God that is always felt through the awareness of unshakable peace. When God is fully embraced as you, Heaven is recognized and it’s a journey. I can tell you that each and everyone of you, are a part of the Second Coming Of the Christ even if you do not feel this truth or you use a different name to describe the same thing. Each and everyone of you will express God through your unique platform, and through our unique talents, we will arrive together aiding this world in a harmonious awakening that will pave the way of peace for generations to come. It simply comes down to timing. Some of you will awaken sooner, and some later on. It will be solely your decision as to which is your path. I come to you all with an open heart, and an open door to all of you.

On a personal note, my blog is here for me to share in detail the bulk of my inner journey. The struggle, the laughs, the letting go and the depths of healing that I have and will continue to endure. It’s been an aid for me to have a place to journal about what’s happening to me and perhaps it can provide some sort of reflective path as you go through your awakening experience?

Thank you for being here.

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  1. No idea how I got your email or who you are. I have similar ideas about the world and what is happening and have been searching for someone who ‘gets’ me. Currently homeless looking on a journey to find a home. I know God is guiding me and thus live in the moment not even knowing where I might end up today. Anyway don’t know why I just saw your story. My idea is East has to meet West for changes to happen and the changes will be led by women.
    Namaste God Bless


      1. I know there are no accidents …So Just curious.How are you associated with Word Press? Just curious, I recently had to move away from the Nevada City/Grass Valley area.


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