Who My Twin Flame Was In Biblical Times

A side note first.

My Twin Flame first of all is me, pretending not to be me. We need to get that out of the way first. There really is no “other” there just appears to be in space in time. And so the concept of Twin Flames was developed and is especially relevant to The Second Coming of The Christ. The awakening process that will unfold for all of humanity. I will use the term, Twin Flame often, as well as other terms like “Karmic Partner” “Soul Contracts” etc. These terms are common terms known by my dear millennia’s especially. Please check out the glossary if any of that is confusing to you.

So B, my twin encompassed every aspect of someone I would’ve ran away from on the surface. After he dropped the politeness mask and felt comfortable, he was smug, abrasive, not affectionate and doesn’t show much care towards anyone. He was extremely judgmental and would change his decision on whether he approves of someone or not based on one move they would make. He was also completely out of touch with his emotions and uncomfortable by others emotions and would hide behind masculinity. Poor B. He knows I love him for his Million and one amazing qualities, but it wouldn’t be complete without those colorfully contrasted qualities to make this story a juicy one.

The “heal your shit Jazz” that was presented to me in another body in the form of B, was a perfect projection. Any perceived quality that I would’ve ran away from in a man, he possessed, but like I said, it was truly his soul from the very beginning that drew me in. Although all of those traits were on the surface, I couldn’t help but notice the little boy in there that still had deep unresolved issues with both of his parents for different reasons and just about every women he’d ever known intimately. His heart was so pure, that he was willing to run away from me or anyone at a drop of a dime in order to avoid vulnerability. He couldn’t bare the thought of hurting another person, so he’d often run away from the relationship, any relationship in order to not face another’s hurt that he felt he caused. He was scared, not evil, not even close.

He longed to love openly, and to allow love in, but it was so clear that his ego had convinced him he’d forgotten how. The personal self was striving for success through his career, it was all he cared about or spent time doing. He was determined to make it, and it was so clear he was trying hard to prove his worth to himself and to others around him.

The love I felt initially for him, continued to expand, but in the first year, it was never short of having a knee jerk reaction to some of his more colorful personality traits. But nonetheless, the strongest portion of him was and is the only portion that was real. His soul.

He had himself in a guilt ridden semi-relationship for the last eight years, that he couldn’t bare to cut ties from. Out of guilt of hurting the other person, and to avoid the mystery of stepping into unknown territory, he stayed. He was certainly comfortable to some degree in the relationship, he loved routines, and predictability. He couldn’t even bring himself to admit that the love he longed for was not there, and so he suppressed dealing with it by forging ahead with his job and other social activities to keep him away from feeling. Round and around I watched him go for two years.

I went through my own processes, of dealing with my own pain, my own misperceptions of the “darkness” I thought I saw in him. I acknowledged my own tendencies to want to run from someone that I perceived as so uninviting. At times it was a battle, but again, the overwhelming amount of compassion I had for him always pulled me back to equilibrium once I was able to mend my misperceptions about what I thought I saw. And equally important, I had to stop running from and embrace all of the aspects that I saw in B, within myself.

Then probably around April or so, the big reveal came first of my consciousness, “Mary Magdalene”, and then B’s over the summer after my visit to Philadelphia.

B is Judas.

How perfectly it made sense. His deeply ridden suppressed feelings of guilt, constantly playing the role of “villain” in this life time. We are going back two thousand years of some unresolved big Karma. Once I found out, it was like the missing puzzle piece for me. How perfect is that the most devoted disciple of Jesus and the perceived “least” devoted disciple would be here for the ultimate forgiveness lesson to bring the world to truth through eternal peace?

The Ultimate Forgiveness Lesson

In my care, compassion and patience for Judas, this will awaken his true nature from a deep sleep. This world needs exactly this. To embrace the perceived “villains,” the people who have volunteered to play a role in society for their own spiritual evolution, and for yours. We are now drawing lines so hard in the ground segmenting off people we deem as “unworthy” of acceptance. And has anyone stopped to take a minute to realize that this is all made up?

When the Curtains Draw, Everyone will Take a Bow.

Judas is me. We are one and my light is his. He is currently not awake just yet, I still have some work of my own to do over here first, and when the timing is right for truth to flood in, it will.

The process of how he will awaken will be a catastrophic one, for I have seen whats to come, but this is how the process must unfold. He will know God the way that I have and he will as I have, become God in a body. The Christ Masculine and Feminine will unite in forgiveness and undivided love.

What would it take for you to do the same for your Twin Flame or to love your brother not for the role he has played, but for the Christ that he truly is?

It just about took a two by four whacked over my head for me.


Yours Truly.

Update: To anyone who may read these out of order. In the beginning of this journey, I met Judas (Ben) in 2017. I was not told that Jesus/Yeshua was incarnated as well. Judas for me at the time that I wrote this, acted as a catalyst to the awakening of the Feminine Christ within me. Judas, Mary and Jesus are all of the same consciousness expressed three ways. It turns out that much of the prophetic visions that I saw, involving Judas were indeed actually visions involving Yeshua but I hadn’t met Yeshua just yet. Because of the love of God that I found first through Judas, and everything I went through, I walked right into the arms of my Yeshua in January 2020.

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