Mary Magdalene Was a prostitute and so was Jazz.

Update: I changed the name later on of this post. At first it wasn’t shared with me that 2000 years ago I was a prostitute, I’m not certain of the meaning behind why, but I was introduced to beings of the Heyyoka. From my relationship with them, they are beings of the spirit that tell you exactly what you need to hear at a certain point in life, which can be contradictory to what you are told later on at later points in life. I suppose I needed to hear that I wasn’t one, but why, I have no idea. But any way this post is about my life as Jazz.

Now I don’t share this for shock value, (although, I do admit I used to love shock value.) I share this as in invitation to really come to understand the initiation of a new beginning of realized Heaven on earth. what we are on the precipice of.


Some of my posts will be about the personal journey of my journey as Jazz and how she (I) landed where she is today. Prostitution being one interesting story of the many journey’s before one journey that became my sole focus. The journey back to the love of God. But this post isn’t about the back stories, although I will share that in the future hopefully whenever I get the green light from God.

How can a prostitute be God or even considered Holy?

I realized that a question like this is exactly why this platform is being presented as God in a body, in bodies today. The illusionary labels that we place on human beings, prostitute, pedophile, murderer, schizophrenic, and drug addict are indeed what have kept the world in a continual state of separation and untruth. Not only are these labels illusionary and have no meaning, prostitution is neither right nor wrong. Yes. Prostitution and anything else without the ego’s judgement behind it, is neutral.

As I sit with myself and have sat with myself I’d sit with this. If we go back to the original message which is that we are all one and we are all God, how could we be anything less than that? Did God, (us) create exceptions to this rule? That we could actually be less than God especially based on the choices that we make in an illusionary world? Is God anything outside of the radiance of love, and the totality of inner peace?

So this platform of prostitution within (my), Jazz’s chapter of life was a deliberate plan to bring about a new beginning. A new understanding of truth for all of those that will listen. And of course, at the time, I had no idea. I lay night after night snuggles up in my cozy bed listening to the voice of God dialogue with me. All of the people that have been labeled, judged, and have kept their deepest and darkest secrets away from others, knowing that they could never be accepted. They in large will be the first to awaken.

As I’ve come to understand, a new understanding of meek applies to today’s age. The individuals who have lost their ability to have power within society to some extent, partially because of the labels that have been cast upon them. For The Second Coming of the Christ, these people in the masses will largely in part awaken first of the love of God. Because they often are the most receptive and through their own practice of forgiveness and forgiving those that they believe caused harm to them, one by one the their suffering will be transmuted into their own experience of love of God. We are taking our 2020 New Year’s celebration to a whole new level. A celebration of love.

And 2020 is just the beginning of Heaven being realized on Earth.

I ask all of you who have been desperately wanting liberation of all of your secrets or labels that have been placed upon you, to imagine stepping into owning your past. Allowing the choices of your past to be a platform that you stand on today. Revealing yourself in full transparency to your friends and family. No longer taking on the responsibility of being a victim to another’s judgement and letting out one final liberating cry of liberation. Now we are talkin’ real power. Truth always brings inner freedom and is always the most powerful.

And if you aren’t there yet, the time will come for you to truly feel liberated of all self judgement and need to have secrets. But only when you are ready. This will start by allowing your choices to be as they were and are. God (the real you), makes no value judgement on your choices, you as an illusionary, separated self from God make those value judgements of right and wrong for yourself and towards others. The time will come for you to see the deep revelations and lessons you have learned from the choices of your past. Perhaps it wasn’t prostitution, maybe drug/alcohol addiction, maybe a label was placed upon you of being “mentally unstable” for most of your life. Whichever bricks of judgement that might be weighing you down, the details of them matter none. The day will come if you invite it in for your perception to shift of yourself, and to come home to the truth. To God. To the real you.

Prostitution in this chapter of life was a journey of beautiful lesson learning for me and I hope to share that story in more detail as I’ve shared so many others. At the time, I had no idea what a divine role this would play in the future to come. I would never change the decision I made to play that role in this chapter of the many lifetimes I’ve been around for. I’ve been called a prostitute since two thousand years ago living in the body as Mary Magdalene, and it makes such sense that I would’ve written that in my script of this lifetime this time around just so that it can be…..embraced. By others? Maybe. But really embraced by myself. It was absolutely essential to my personal platform of how God expresses through me. In the Second Coming, when the Christ awakens two by two, there will be no separation through judgement of another’s choices. But this doesn’t stop at prostitution. All people that have been deeply judging themselves and living in isolation for any stories of the past, will have an opportunity to choose love and forgiveness, and that includes loving and forgiving themselves for any perceived wrong doings that they think they’ve done. God (you) wrote all of it in your script. For….expansion, and through forgiveness, a more rich and fruitful journey to returning home, completely. And with just a little willingness, this is possible. God is waiting for you to realize who you are eternal. You are love and its only your perception of your identification of “wrong doing” thats keep you separate from that truth.

Now I want to add in this paragraph to the people who have read this, and then feel, enraged, disgusted, or even embarrassed. Over the summer, I’ve shared my blog with you, knowing how popular this post would become, gosh how we gravitate towards scandalous material, this one has the most reads every month. Since writing this, I’ve seen some of you in person again. I notice it within you when I look at you how you feel about what I’ve written. I can feel your separation from God so clearly within your mind. Understand that like anything else, the way you react to this post is a direct reflection of your own perception. Your own value judgements of right and wrong. The deep conditioning that resides within you thanks to parents, society, government, and religion.

And I want you to know that all it’s all okay. It isn’t about faults when it comes to the way you’ve reacted. I can tell you that this is a beautiful opportunity for you as you read this to see your computer screen as a mirror to your inner self. A mirror into your deepest fears, and clouded misperceptions and projections about the world you live in and the people you see in the world you made within your mind. I will always love you, regardless of how you judge me. I will always love you, regardless of how you treat me. I will always love you, regardless of how much you separate yourself from me.

Truth and total transparency will always be the most powerful vehicles to liberation. In fact, it is the only path to liberation and they are synonymous with love, with God.

I am the Woman of Light; I am the Whore of Babylon.

I am Holy. I am Unholy.

I am the Virgin; I am the Whore.

I am; All of it.

Thank God.

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  1. Those who open themselves up completely to heal others are the ones who are on the journey to become truly alive from within,

    There is no such thing as prostitution when it comes to healing the wounded ones.


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