Feminism is Not Your Friend

The Dalai Lama Predicted my Coming

I want to start this post off with a clarification of something. In the 2009 Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama made a statement that was misinterpreted by the masses. He said, “The world will be saved by the western woman. The Dalai Lama is not a feminist, although he jokingly claimed to be and his statement had nothing to do with creating a feminist movement although it was taken that way.

You see like all activism, feminism creates another striation of duality. How on earth can we collectively come to together in oneness, if we differentiate ourselves in bands, to “stand up”, and fight for our rights? No, no no. The awakening of women in the West will play in an important role in the rebirth of this planet, but it will come from unification, not segmentation.

As Women, You are Divided.

How can we stand together in truth, if so many of you are are fueled by tearing each other down? I can’t remember the last time I spent time with a circle of women that didn’t talk poorly about one another. This is the norm guys. If you aren’t doing this, well according to the world we live in, that’s not normal. We’ve got reality television so popular based on how many cat fights it can capture on screen. This is hardly oneness. This is the state that our world is in, and we first, need to be honest about what we see. This will not bring us home.

The World Will be Saved by Forgiveness

We need to be honest with ourselves as women, and I’m purposefully generalizing here, because collectively this is where we are at as a country. We are deeply suppressing our masculinity, and projecting this disempowerment onto our poor men. That is why so many of us feel powerless. Now that powerlessness is typically projected onto men as anger and resentment. It can’t possibly be our issue of how “unjust”, the world is towards women right? The truth is, we’ve been suppressing our powerlessness and projecting anger for quite some time, like a really long time.

I know before my awakening, I certainly needed some honesty when it came to my relationship with men. You see I was secretly envious to men for their confidence and their power as well as their ability to leave over powering emotions out of making business decisions. In my youth, I felt so angry at my inability to break through the deep guilt I felt of not hurting another’s feelings. Especially in work related situations, I would rarely speak up if I believed something needed to be addressed. When I was 20, I remember asking my grand mom to make all of my phone calls whenever I needed to ask some government agency for some sort of help. I was petrified of being seen and of being told no.

Generally in my life, I was an over the top giver to those that I knew. I had no problem ever helping my friends and family move, clean or lend money to, whatever. But could I receive, could I ask for help? Very rarely. I had been deeply conditioned to play the “nice girl” in society. And although, I admit, I’ve always been a bit rough around the edges compared to the average female, I wasn’t nearly as assertive as I should have been. That caused me to become very resentful towards men. I also saw men generally as unemotional, and arrogant for most of my adult life. Let’s just say, I had a lot of forgiving to do before I could get to where I am today.

The truth is, just like many of you have been conditioned to be the nice girl and ignore the male qualities that lay dormant within you, men have been conditioned to suppress their own femininity. This suppression runs even deeper than yours. Many men are in deep unconscious pain, for the years of ignoring their emotions and fear of vulnerability. They’ve been entrenched in the responsibilities of independence, of being the “provider”, since sometimes they were small. They often hide behind their jobs because it is one of the only identities that they truly feel comfortable in.

So who’s to blame here?

No one. Absolutely no one. Collectively, both genders have both been conditioned to ignore the calling in their hearts to have balance. That is why this New Earth is about the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. Women must first start by taking responsibility for the world they see. It starts with removing our personal stories, our limiting beliefs, and our invisible backpack of guilt and fear that we carry around with us the moment we are presented with a situation that involves using power to obtain something. All of our past unhealed stories of abuse and victimhood are dictating our relationships with our men and our world in the present moment.

We will be forgiving ourselves, for the years of ignoring our deepest desires to raise our hands in school, or tell someone “no”, or asking for a pay raise. We must shift all of our fears, and open our hearts to the love that was always there waiting within us. We must take responsibility for the deep suppression of guilt that his been subconsciously dictating our powerless actions. As we forgive ourselves, we open our hearts to our men, many of which are deeply struggling with their own suppression of fear. As we forgive the world we made, we allow our selves to integrate that long lost power that was always there. We step into ourselves as a wholly integrated human being, able to balance their emotions with power. Our power is in alignment as well as our emotions, one does not override the other.

We are seen as beings, and not bodies. To be a “woman” is another temporary mantle we express ourselves from while we are on this planet. We move into expressing ourselves from the God within us. The eternal force that runs through everything is the eternal nature of our makeup, and the vehicle this eternal force is expressed from, happens to be a woman.

God is the who we are, and being a woman is an aspect, not who we are.

So yes, my women, you will through forgiveness embrace the men that many of you have resented for so long. We will end the duality and come together as one unit. Through forgiveness, you will play your important part in saving the world. Now is this done overnight? Well hell no, this is a painful process for most. But as we bring into our awareness what’s really going on with the world we see, we can pivot into the right direction. As you read this some of you have long ago started your forgiveness journey.

I challenge all of you who are called to, to you to use that over filled heart to begin to embrace your father, your husband and all your brothers. This is the true meaning of oneness, when the male and female energy comes back to source. I love you all so much for even beginning to try. Our men need our compassionate hearts. Our men need you be first.

We will get there, together.



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