Finding out about the The Second Coming

Here is my new Youtube channel. The information just continues to flood in when it comes to what to do next. Apparently, this is next.

This night in particular, after some deep healing, I had just found out about my responsibility within The Second Coming Of The Christ, and all the pieces finally came together, all in an instant.

In the video, I’m talking to my aunt who had plans in the coming weeks to visit me.

Needless to say, it was a really hard night.

When I mention going through a series of many deaths, this has to do with shedding the attachment to identities? What are identities?

Being a mother.

Being a friend and family member.

Being an employee.

Having a certain personality.

Being a woman.

When you go through the Enlightenment process, all that is temporary, all that is illusionary in form, is given up. It’s the attachment to the form you are giving up. So when I say I have to let go of “being a mother” it means the attachment, the identification that I have let go of.

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