Giving up everything for Dummies

What I’m getting at is, I know when we talk about this stuff, it can all sound very Shakespearean and poetic, making little relational sense, and the reason is, that words can only go so far, to explain all encompassing existence that precedes all words.

Feel me?

We are trying to, in truth, break down oneness to explain it. But the moment you break it down, it ain’t oneness no mo’. So we do the best we can with what we got, which is words. And we do this until you have something better, which is, your own experiences that will replace any explanation that could be given to you through words.

As this process has, lets say….intensified for me, one repetitive thing keeps popping up. It keeps popping up because its being brought to my attention that it needs to be revisited. The concept in enlightenment of giving up everything, is a concept known to many through out the stories of Jesus, the stories of The Buddha, and their teachings. They were avid mentioners of how necessary it is to Give up everything for God, or in the Buddhas case, for the mind to become empty of perceptions, to remove suffering to obtain Buddhahood or more commonly referred to as enlightenment.

Right below, here is a diagram that I made that tried to describe on paper the mind of a normal, unawakened human being. We will call this “the attachment chart”. It is a simple, generalized pie chart, to represent the attachments of the mind. I’m doing my best to oversimplify this explanation to make a point. I also get an excuse to act 9 years old, and color. Yippee!

As you can see, I have sections of the mind. titled, Career, Religion, Family, Marriage etc. Each section is larger, smaller or about the same size as another. The larger the space that is taken up within the attachment chart, the more heavily possessed the mind is to be attached to that particular category. Each human beings mind attachment chart will be unique to that particular person. In this chart you can see that the person has the deepest attachments to family and marriage as many people do. The point is not in the details of what the person is attached, the point is that in this diagram, the minds master in an unawakened normal human being, is the ego and not God. All attachment of any kind or causes suffering. In other words, the ego causes suffering, and the ego is what is running the show for the majority of human beings. The list goes on and on to the things that that a person is attached to typically. As you can see in the picture, I only included eight categories.

Now lets look at what happens when you start to go through the process of God realization, the process of enlightenment. The process, of becoming The Christ. Your mind becomes empty of all the human “stuff” first.

Now we’ve got a mind, that has some empty space now. Finally, the suffering starts to let up a bit after all those damn years! Can I get a hello, Amen, Hallelujah? We are makin’ progress. In the empty space, what used to be there, was an attachment to a car, a house, career, body and religion, but now thats missing. Now half of the mind has empty space in it. Once the mind becomes empty, this is what happens. You reach half christ mind, half human mind (for purposes of explaining I’m making this explanation very black and white). See below 50% Christ Mind Chart.

Or maybe more like 48% Christ mind because my lines are crooked.

What happens after your mind starts to empty is, God, like a rushing river that can’t be stopped, floods into your mind and into that empty space. This process is actually quite physical. the moment you detach from from the nagging need to have something, or you cleanse a fearful perception, or you un-cling to something you used to cling to, eventually you will be able to feel the emptying happen in your mind and your body and you feel God rush in. And the further you go into the removing the attachments of this world, the fears etc, the more intensified the emptying and God rushing in like a river to fill in the empty space becomes.

So does it mean that the person that goes through this process actually loses their car, house, family and religion etc? Whether they did or didn’t lose these things physically, is irrelevant to the point. If you are sincerely on this Christ journey, you ain’t pondering the answer to that question, or even really asking the question. Cause if we ask the question, then it means we still care which means they still have an attachment to outcome.

Anyways, to answer the question, it’s the attachment to the car, house, family and religion that was lost. In some cases the physical thing leaves and comes back later, in other cases things do not come back, in other cases it never leaves. What is always a part of the process, is the person was completely willing to surrender it all up. Let me repeat that. An unavoidable part of becoming The Christ is you must be completely willing to surrender it all up. And as a result of this, what leaves is your desire to have it one way over the other. As you barrel down into this process, your desire is to have God, to know God and lastly to become God. That desire replaces all other desires.

Now look at the last diagram here is ultimately what happens when you become God. When you Become the Christ. You go from the process of “emptying” out all of the egoic attachments and delusions to being completely filled with God, with truth.

You become whole for the first time.

God is not separate from “everything”, You are removing the illusion of everything as a human, for the truth of everything as God.

And when this happens, everything in truth, comes back as truth.

You experience your children as the truth, as God, as you, rather than your children that take on a temporary, impermanent form thats a part of this illusionary world.

You experience your mate as the truth, as God, rather than the temporary form that they are inhabiting in a body in an illusionary world.

You experience your house, your car, as an impermanent form thats something to appreciate and enjoy within the illusion, but you have no attachment to whether it’s here or not here.

If you have reached this level of realization, you have become the Christ, as Jesus. You have become the Buddha as Siddhartha did, (that’s the Buddha’s real name).

You have taken the little itty bitty humaness that you were living from your entire life, that 1% and you’ve integrated that into the oneness, the wholeness, the other infinite 99% of you, the God you.


Yes and no.

It’s the hardest thing to remove yourself from what was never real, and yet it is the most natural thing you could ever do. Simple, and natural yes. But it ain’t easy.

The journey of becoming the Christ takes all of your attention, all of your commitment, and all of your focus. You can not half step the Christ journey and expect to become enlightened.

You are either in illusion, or your are the Christ. The mind cannot have two masters. It’s ego or God, not both.

This is not to scare you, or rush you even, this is to share the true meaning of what it is to give up everything.

So where am I?

I’m in the process of wringing out the towel. Meaning theres some emptying still happening, but we are nearing empty at this point. And once the emptying has occurred.

The Christ within will awaken fully.

And heres the fun part. You don’t become a Christ, then you wave your arms and say game over and give out hugs and smiles for the rest of your life.

Enlightened beings are all at different levels of enlightenment. There is no ceiling, no finish line to God and living as God through the body. Just like anything else, the Christ journey is expanding, enlightenment is expanding.

So to sum it up….

Now lets talk about what everything really is in this case.

We are gonna take this to another level.

The everything that you are asked to give up, is the “human everything” that you are attached to. That human everything, is the illusion of “everything”.

What you are being asked to give up in truth,

is nothing.

In truth, you are giving up nothing (what was never real), for everything, what’s eternal. And before I get carried away again, I’ll leave you with this.

Nothing real can be threatened

Nothing Unreal Exists

Herein lies the peace of God. T-In.2:1-4

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  1. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈπŸŒ·I Love it ! Yes it is that simple πŸ˜ƒ yet not easy… as we tend to navigate as humans in between various illusory attachments… but it is all perfectly OK when we know, trust, and feel deep down that the real background of it all IS God/love/light/peace/joy…. I feel 100% dedicated to being that, to express it in every moment, right NOW in this very instant, with all my body cells, feeling the endless expansion of the sensation and knowing that it is REAL … IT is all inclusive, eternal and nothing else matter … not even if, which happening is not in my control, the mind brings back its stories in 2 minutes time… πŸ˜€


  2. Precious Jazz, Wouldn’t it be amazing when we are all totally living Love Abundance in every way … Love $ included. Like being millionaire and being totally awake and scattering joy and love and healing and community everywhere I walk. Had a little experience of the scattering part two days ago of how spontaneous sharing of God-power-infused Love $ heals … calls forth the love the flow the beautiful equality and reciprocity of all relationship in-between. No matter that the world labels Kings and Paupers. There is no separation. And EVERYTHING is an instrument of Love when intentionally powerfully infused as such. As you say Jazz. EVERYTHING is GOD. Loving you always 🌺


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