A Walk in Miracles: Jasmine’s Story

Update: Much has shifted, overlapped, flip-flopped around since I wrote this post at the beginning of the year. That is how this journey back to truth is. It overlaps with storylines and timelines, all necessary to hear at certain points in the journey. This journey of mine has become much quieter. I have not written much. Words become removed from being used as literal and are used as symbols to emulate a greater a truth now. A truth that really could never be captured in words or even emulated, so why write? I write for my humaness. My growth. For even at times, comfort. Written events of the past that create clues to my present. I write as an outlet. Not to teach but to express. I still do. God moved these fingers to write this now, as God wrote the following entry below.

This is for you who perhaps have picked up the blog within the last few days or weeks.

There was an ordinary woman. A woman that had a hard life, and at almost 33, she came to God with a sincere desire to want to know God. That desire sparked a very sudden, intense journey of complete human surrender over a course of 18 months. She couldn’t hear as clearly at first, but with each yes she gave to the voice of God, the instructions came in clearer and clearer to surrender to what she was hearing. God would ask her to give up things in her life. Every time she said yes to surrendering whatever it was that God asked, she started to notice a feeling. An inner overwhelming blanket of love that she’d never felt before. It was a love that she knew everyone should be invited to know in their lives. She knew that her purpose in life had to do with sharing this love, but she wasn’t told very much about details until months went by. Eventually she was asked to give up bigger things. Her income, all of it. Her car. Her family. Her City, and lastly her home and to become “homeless”. As she endured homelessness she was filled with the knowledge of why homelessness was a part of her story. God said, To fully know the love of God, what you’ve longed for, you must give up everything of this world in order to know that love. For the love of God isn’t of this world, and God can’t get in, if you’re fixated on false love elsewhere. She was shortly told that come the new year, she would start walking from California, and head East with nothing but a backpack.

On New Years Eve, she started the walk of route 66 from Santa Monica and walked and walked 20-40 miles a day. As her thoughts wandered alone in the desert, she knew what she was here to do, but she thought she’d be alone on her mission. During her journey, she was told to write and share her pain, her discoveries, not so much so that she would be understood, but more for her own emotional outlet and for her own acceptance of the journey that she was on. She was only told that she was the Christ 2000 years ago, and that she was here to bring love back into a loveless world. She was never told that Jesus/Yeshua would be with her in this lifetime, physically incarnated to aid all in their path of inner peace. To be united together physically, as they are in spirit. She didn’t know, until about a month ago, in January.

She has been in the desert at a place called Shanti Christo, spending time much in solitude. Michael and Jazz were married on the land on February 14th 2020. But their transformation is not over. She knows she is walking into a world that will largely not accept her. She isn’t here to be special or gain fame. She is here to just be love and extend that to all who will receive her. She sees her human self as a body that has become a symbol of God’s love. God’s love that she would like to share with you and have you come to know through her, until all of you realize her body was never needed to show you the way to what you already are. She awaits her and Michael/Yeshua’s resurrection. Through her patience, through her love of God, he and she will awaken the Christ. The Divine Masculine and Feminine will become one within each of them in God’s timing. And then…..they will be together as one within themselves and with each other.

To the Christ birthing within all of you. This is for you.

I love you all so much.

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  1. Hi Jazz, I’m watching and I’m learning. What a way to start the new year…..I love it and I love you too!


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